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A single mum to 2 amazing girls and juggling an office job just wasn’t working. So after 17 years in Marketing I am following my heart in fashion, nutrition and exercise.


Once upon a time I hated clothes hated looking in the mirror and hence I went into health and fitness so that I felt good in my clothes.

I have been lucky to only have 2 sizes of clothes in my wardrobe and my style is definitely boho chic, I love my flowy flowery dresses but also my fitted dresses and skinny jeans.

so get in shape at Moodfit.co.uk and buy your key pieces from my shop Moodchic clothes for every mood.

Blog posts

Herbal remedy in one bottle

Herbal remedy in one bottle

Herbal Remedies  I have always turned to herbs through any of my health crisis and the thing is they were of low concentration and also very expens...
Brussel sprouts love them or hate them, they have amazing health benefits

Brussel sprouts love them or hate them, they have amazing health benefits

You hate #brussel sprouts right yeah how do you cook them boil them until they are big balls of mush yeah that’s the way most people cook them and ...
Sweet potato falafel

Sweet potato falafel

I love falafel it is so tasty with the spices but also very filling as they are made from chickpeas. I decided to make my own and love sweet potato...